Offering services that inspire empowerment and fuel economic independence while disrupting the cycle of recidivism, nurturing opportunities for financial freedom and facilitating healthier families and engaged communities. 

Theory of Change

If we develop an eco-conscious organization dedicated to supporting at-risk women in DFW by offering services that inspire empowerment and fuel economic independence, then we will disrupt the cycle of revictimization, nurture financial freedom and facilitate healthier families and engage communities. 


"People don’t realize how prevalent the problem of trafficking is in DFW, and how easy it is for these women to get trapped in the system and fall through the cracks. Together we are creating awareness and offering a permanent pathway out. The women in our pilot program have quickly become consultants to help us understand all the issues they face and to develop a program that truly works for them and many to follow."

- Abi Ferrin, Co-Founder

Meet The Co-Founders

Abi Ferrin

Rania Batrice

Elle Lewis

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